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I’m Afraid To Ask

May 2018

Ep9: NYC Part II – There’s A Museum In Queens!

Part 2 of special episode: Brenda and Dusty take a trip to Queens to get a panoramic view of NYC, visiting all 5 boroughs in one day. They finish with the only Broadway reviews you need to hear and the biggest plot twist in “I didn’t ask but thanks for telling me” history!

May 2018

Ep8: NYC Part 1 – A Smokey Beast

Part 1 of special episode: Brenda and Dusty share their adventures of Brenda’s big NYC visit, first podcast party, meeting and interviewing some listeners, and end with a shared tale of a heartwarming-only in NYC - love story.

May 2018

Ep7: Peace with a capital ‘P’

This week Brenda pops dusty’s quiz with a twist. Then they discuss depression and anxiety and dealing with it with medication and meditation. They’re not experts but explore methods and means that anyone can try to rejuvenate. They end with stories of documentaries and care packages. AND a special announcement!!!

May 2018

Ep6: Fried Baloney

Brenda and Dusty welcome their first ever guest for a pop quiz. Instead of the Big Q, they share one of their first attempts at recording. Nachos. Rats. Bologna. Wishes. They end sharing stories of Trekkies and grease monkeys.  

Apr 2018

Ep5: Friendship on Key

It's Dusty's turn to ask Brenda questions in the pop quiz. Then they reminisce on how they met and how sometimes the keys to friendship require bolt cutters.  They end the show finding comfort in opossums and blankets.

Apr 2018

Ep4: Up There In Lights I’ll Be

Brenda “schools” Dusty with a pop quiz. In the Big Q, Dusty and Brenda discuss big changes, big choices and uprooting your life for opportunity. They end on panty hose and drag hoes.

Apr 2018

Bonus Question — “What would your Drag Name be?”

Mini Episode: Dusty and Brenda figure out what their drag names would be.

Apr 2018

Ep3: “Momma, I’m Sorry”

Brenda pops Dusty’s quiz. Then they dive into what it’s like to be “seen,” coming out of their respective closets and sharing stories of what it’s like to tell the world “here I am.” The show ends with Old Hollywood gossip and self help.

Apr 2018

Ep2: Raise A Glass To Ravenclaw

This week Dusty and Brenda explore personality types. They take a few quizzes and learn about themselves and each other. A Rebel or Obliger? Piglet or Eeyore? Who’s your favorite Golden Girl? They end this week sharing some "brassy" and "colorful" stories with each other.

Mar 2018

Ep1: Send Nudes

In their debut episode, Dusty and Brenda attempt a few lighting round questions with some quirky answers. Then they ask what it means to be creative and share personal stories about learning the creative process through trial and error. Brenda shares about her two secret “friends” and Dusty tells her what he thinks about them.